Over 630-hp in a carbon fiber coupe. What’s not to like?

Even by niche sports car standards, Panoz does appear to like taking its time with its introduction of new sports car models. Admittedly, Panoz also has a motorsports program to run, but the last time the firm launched a new road car was in the year 2001 with its Esperante. Now, after nearly 16 years, Panoz is set to introduce a new driver-focused model: the Avezzano two-seater coupe; showcased here in prototype form.

Despite sharing its name with an Italian city that you’ve probably never heard of, the Panoz Avezzano is anything but discreet in terms of its known specifications. As with every Panoz road car built to date, a big American V8 engine sits under the hood, with all that power being transmitted to the rear wheels. Panoz’s comments on the aluminum-intensive chassis being “based on a successful GT-class endurance race car” also implies this Avezzano will be a real hoot to drive. Plus, it also appears Panoz won’t by shying away from a use of weight-saving carbon fiber and composite materials with the Avezzano.

Perhaps most intriguingly, Panoz will provide an extensive array of personalization options on the Avezzano. Ranging from transmission and engine options (Panoz plans on offering V8s with outputs between 450-hp and “more than 630 horsepower”), to interior customization and bodywork upgrades, it appears the options list for the Avezzano will be quite substantial for such a niche vehicle. The only aspect we’re not entirely sold on, though, is the bodywork: given this is meant to be a new car, we’d have preferred the Avezzano to not look like a lightly freshened up Esperante. Other than that, we can’t wait to see the finished customer-spec cars in 2017.

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