The Panoz Museum


🔺Panoz Museum Temporarily Closed🔺 

We are sorry to announce that we are temporarily closed.


We welcome passers-by and the public to stop in and take a look at our collection of Panoz cars and memorabilia spanning over 25 years of success and innovation in motorsports. Although we do accept walk-ins, last minute events do occur and we’d always recommend that you call us to make sure we are open and available.

For car club and personalized tours please contact us for more information and available times via or 678-425-1539. 

The Panoz Museum is available to rent for your party or event. Entertain guests, enjoy a cocktail reception, or host a dinner in a venue surrounded by over 25 years of successful motorsports history. From the original Roadster through to the Le Mans-winning Esperante GT, all the way to the futuristic DeltaWing, the museum offers conversation starters, unlike any other venue.

To note, the Panoz family also donates a major portion of event proceeds to charities that they support. Primarily local charities, regular receivers include the Braselton Library, Chestnut Mountain, and Eagle Ranch.

For your event, you will have a coordinator on hand during the build-up to the event with whom scheduled consultations etc. can be arranged, as well as the main hostess during the event to speak about the cars and answer any questions. The venue also has a NanoLumens screen for presentations.


Prices vary depending on date and time but we will do everything we can to work with you on your budget. Please contact us at (678) 425-1539 or email for more information and a price for your event.