The new Panoz Avezzano continues our automobile philosophy of creating exclusive, lightweight aluminum-intensive sports cars with powerful, reliable, and easy to maintain American V8 engines. This is Panoz Avezzano Prototype No. 1.

The Avezzano is based on a successful Panoz GT-class endurance race car that’s never been produced for the street – until now.

The new-for-2017 Avezzano features a superformed aluminum body like the Panoz AIV Roadster and the Esperante. But underneath will be a new generation of the Panoz-engineered and designed high-strength aluminum-intensive chassis. Our expertise with carbon fiber and other strong-and light composites further enriches the Avezzano’s sports car DNA.

True to the Panoz Extreme Personalization approach, customers can choose among a range of Avezzano engine and transmission combinations, as well as many interior and exterior upgrades to ensure no two are exactly alike. Plans are for engines ranging from 450-plus to more than 630 horsepower.

More details about this exciting new sports car will be available at very soon.