Panoz has been teasing us with details and pictures of their new creation, the Esperante 25th Anniversary model, for months. But it must be ready now because they sent one to Jay Leno’s Garage for a full review and the big boss himself turned up to talk us through its features.

The Panoz Esperante Spyder GT at JLG is still a prototype, but it is fully ready for the road. Do not expect any drastic changes in the final production version.

As we reported a while back, Jay Leno’s Garage will soon become a TV show on CNBC. It is not clear yet if Jay will continue to post videos online too, but it’s not likely, seeing as these 20 minute long episodes are already TV quality material and therefore too precious to be available to all for free!

Still, Jay is a people’s guy. We won’t surprised if he devise way for his YouTube subscriber from around the world to continue getting top-notch motoring programs.