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Raw Power On The Road

Almost a race car in street-legal trim, the GTR-1 exceeds the level of performance of many track-only vehicles. Relentless power comes from an aluminum block V8 engine pushing over 600 horsepower.

Iconic Styling

The GTR-1 returned the front engine race car to the racing circuit at the 24 hours of LeMans. The game-changing design places the engine between the front axle and the driver, proving that front-mid engine construction is the next generation of the supercar.

Unexpected Performance

Built to meet the 24 Hours of Le Mans homologation requirements, the car shares much with its racing sibling. Panoz can build an near-exact replica using the original design, or the newly engineered version providing more interior and cargo room and creature comforts.

Lightweight Yet Strong Design

The original featured a light and strong carbon fiber monocoque composite chassis, and we can build a near-exact replica. A newer design features aluminum and composite structures assembled with the same care and expertise applied in other Panoz products like the Esperante models such as the Spyder GT. The Panoz GTR-1 is custom built just for you. Call (678) 425-1539 for pricing inquires.

Design Your GTR-1