The 560 HP Version
of our Anniversary Spyder


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A Thrilling Ride

The Esperante Spyder GT blurs the lines between racing car and street-legal, providing a truly captivating driving experience that delivers unrivaled levels of endurance and high-intensity performance.

Racing Technology Built for the Street

Encased within the envy-invoking body of the Esperante Spyder GT is the same award-winning technology that endured 24 grueling hours on the Le Mans circuit.

Performance Driven Engineering

The Esperante Spyder GT is where performance meets unbridaled power. Reach optimized speeds with the force of the 560 HP, 32-valve, V8 engine propelling your drive.

Aerodynamic Design

Conquer the concrete jungle or endure the demands of grand touring behind the wheel of a model that can outlast competitors in the same class. Experience the sleek performance of aerospace-grade SPF aluminum and carbon fiber in the aerodynamic handling of the body. An ultra-lightweight carbon fiber front splitter gives powerful downforce while reducing drag. Nicely equipped starting at $204,000.

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